Cardboard Empire is an independent label formed by the members of Hawthorne Heights in the summer of 2011 for the purpose of self-releasing music and developing other young artists. Cardboard Empire started with the goal of releasing music in a fashion that allowed for greater creativity both from a musical and business standpoint; free-flowing and adaptive was to be the mantra. In a short, we would be everything that the dinosaur establishment was not.

We are looking for bands who love to write songs and aren't looking for shortcuts. Please be aware that since we are still a fully functioning band, we can only release a few albums per year. We will not be able to sign every band that sends us an email and out of courtesy to our bands, we do not want to hurt any band's career due to neglect on our behalf. We want to be able to release music that we love, and that we can devote our free time to. Cardboard Empire isn't looking for the next big thing...we are looking for the next album that we fall in love with.

Please carefully read and follow the guidelines below. We will try and listen to your music as soon as possible.

1. Please email a link to your music (Facebook, youtube, myspace or purevolume) to DO NOT send music as attachments. These emails will be deleted.
2. Title your email: BAND SUBMISSION: Name of Band
3. Include some information on your band as well as contact info.
4. Please give us an overview of your objectives with your band (be realistic) and let us know why you would like to work with us.
5. Spell check.
6. Please do not contact us asking if we received your email and do not spam us with a million messages. We will contact you if we want to work together.
7. Please do not send us hate mail and tell us that you are no longer a fan of Hawthorne Heights simply because we did not respond to you.

Thank you!